Women of the ELCA



Women of Faith Circle will meet at the church Wednesday November 10th at 6:00 p.m. Karan Cline is program leader. All women of the congregation are invited to join us.


Community Project for November – “Kelly’s Kids” – items especially needed are socks, underwear, and hygiene items. Keep in mind that Kelly services young children to teens when you are these buying items.


Quilting – At our circle meeting in October we packed 41 quilts, 22 personal kits, and 10 school kits that are ready to take to the drop-off site in November.  On November 24th at 10:00a.m. we will start quilting again for next year.  We will not meet in December.


November 2021 – Veterans Affairs

Thankoffering Sunday (We have not gotten any information from SWO)


November Reminders:

7 – All Saints Sunday/Daylight Saving Time Ends



Your grace fills us with gratitude, risen Christ. You bless us

                     to be a blessing in your name. Amen

5 Reasons to Join WELCA

You are a valued member of Philadelphia Lutheran Church.

WELCA is a wonderful way to participate in outreach to the community.

You can stay up to date with fellow women at Philadelphia Lutheran, rather than left feeling out of the loop.

We always find something to feel good about, to share, to have a laugh over, to be thankful for, to be spiritually renewed by, and of course the icing on the cake: we always have good food to eat!

You will be a part of a wonderful group of women that really gets the work done, leaving all ladies involved with a big sense of accomplishment..

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