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Pondering With the Pastor         June 2022

To the saints of Philadelphia Lutheran Church of Granite Fall: Grace and peace to you in the name of God the Father, + the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

          For the past almost five years, we have ministered together. We have shared many good times, hard times and deaths, and have endured a two-year pandemic. We have joyfully celebrated the Lord’s Supper, Holy Baptism, and Easter mornings! However, to everything, there are seasons and times for all purposes under heaven.

            As we emerge from the pandemic, this congregation can be proud of themselves for enduring and pushing through. We are now faithfully working towards paying for a new heating system for the offices and library, and in addition, a new air conditioning unit. At the same time, I have prayerfully discerned a new season in my own life.

            Through yearlong life coaching and, in addition, continuing education through “School of the Spirit” I have prayerfully discerned a new beginning. From Henry Nouwen’s “The Way of the Heart,” I have discerned “after years of compassionate ministry there is a need for—being totally absorbed in communion with God.” 

            Therefore, with a continued resolute heart for God, I am tendering my resignation for retirement. You, no doubt will have a need for a pastor who leads you into the future with new passion and energy. I will continue to serve Philadelphia through July 3, 2022, this being my final Sunday at Philadelphia. We will celebrate together one final time, with an opportunity for farewells.

            I know two things: 1) You have been a blessing to me over these almost five years; and 2) The Father, Son +, and Holy Spirit will be with you always!

          May Almighty God, Father, Son +, and Holy Spirit, bless you now and forever. Amen.

In Christ’s love!

The Rev Diane Cline