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Introducing Vicar Chris Bass             July 2022

Greetings in Christ!


It is with great appreciation to the Lord and His leading in my life, that I now begin my journey here at Philadelphia Lutheran Church, serving as your Vicar.

I wanted to be sure to take this opportunity to send you a brief note of thanks as well for accepting us here as part of your church family, and rest assured, my wife and I are looking forward to joyous and fruitful ministry in the coming year.

Brenda and I relocated to North Carolina from California 5 years ago, and am now pursuing a second career as a Christian Public Leader at Luther Seminary. I am in my final semester of MDiv DL course work and will begin a culminating Internship in July, 2022. I will be considered by the faculty for graduation in May 2023. I am an Endorsed Candidate for Ministry of Word and Sacrament within the NC Synod of the ELCA.

Because the need for professional leadership is so great in North Carolina, I have been tasked as a SAM (Synod Authorized Minister) by our Bishop Tim Smith to serve rural churches. The ELCA Synod, Luther Seminary, and the participant churches, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Lenoir, and Philadelphia Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, have agreed with God’s help,  to turn this SAM into an approved Internship venue, employing a local 2-point parish Pastor as my direct supervisor. I am to act as Vicar to both locations for one year. Careful discernment, including prayer and deep listening for God’s plan for us, will lead towards the future,  after this exciting year of ministry together is complete.

My wife of 30 years and our assorted pets, are excited about this robust start to what we hope will be a long career in serving God’s people.


Vicar Chris Bass

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