Pondering With the Pastor

      April 2021

Preparing for Easter


April 1-Maundy Thursday

April 2- Good Friday

April 4-Ressurrection of Our Lord-Easter Day

** (We light the paschal (Christ) candle on each of the Sundays of Easter[April 4-May30], including the Day of Pentecost and TheHoly Trinity.)


     There is nothing rushed or causal about these days. Each beginning and ending is part of the long arc of the whole salvation story. Words do not come easily as we seek to proclaim the power of Holy Week.

     We offer praise.


Maundy Thursday-

Holy God, you alone are holy, you alone are God.

The universe declares your praise:

Beyond the stars; beneath the sea;

Within each cell; with every breath…

We praise you, O God.


Good Friday-

Generations bless your faithfulness:

Through the water; by night and day;

Across the wilderness; out of exile;

Into the future…

We bless you, O God.


Resurrection of Our Lord-Easter Day-

We give you thanks for your dear Son:

At the heart of human life; near to those who suffer;

Beside the sinner; among the poor;

With us now…

We thank you, O God.


O God, you are Breath: send your Spirit upon us.

O God, you are Bread: feed us with yourself.

O God, you are Wine: warm our hearts and make us one.

O God, you are Fire: transform us with hope.


Blessing, praise, and thanks to you, Holy God, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


Read aloud/Reflect on your baptism /Read again quietly making the “Thanksgiving for Baptism” your own thanksgiving. Use the new form of thanksgiving for baptism, which is particularly appropriate during the Easter season. Anticipate the day we will once again begin baptizing!

“Thanksgiving for Baptism”


(Make the sign of the cross, the sign marked at baptism, as you begin reading...)

Alleluia! Christ is risen.

Christ is risen indeed. Alleluia!


Refreshed by the resurrection life we/I share in Christ,

Let us/I give thanks for the gift of baptism.


(Light a candle… Pour water into a piece of pottery as you gives thanks for your baptism...)


We/I thank you, risen Christ,

For these waters where you make us/me new,

Leading us/me from death to life, from tears to joy.


We/I bless you, risen Christ, that your Spirit comes to us/me

In the grace-filled waters of rebirth,

Like rains to our thirsting earth,

Like streams that revive our/my soul/s,

Like cups of cool water shared with strangers.


Breathe your peace on your church when we/I hide in fear.

Clothe us/me with your mercy and forgiveness.

Send us/me companions on our/my journey as we/I share your life.


Make us/me one, risen Christ.

Cleanse our/my heart/s.

Shower us/me with life.


To you be given all praise,

With the Holy Spirit,

In the glory of God,

Now and forever.


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