Scouting @ Philadelphia Lutheran

      Wow!  You blink and another month is gone!  So, what have the scouts been up to?  I have spent every Tuesday of the last month working on what the scouts call ‘recharter’.  That is when all the scouts, and the unit itself, register for the next year.  Every unit across the country is assigned a month for recharter and unfortunately ours is December.  Fortunately, we have some really good den leaders who kept the kids busy and earning awards while I was talking to parents. 

      If you found random bits of glitter in the hallway that would be the Wolves who were earning “Germs Alive”.  What better way to demonstrate how quickly and easily germs spread than putting glitter in a balloon then blow it up and pop it with a pin!  What fun!! 

      Our quilters might have noticed the toolboxes in their room which were made by our Bears.  They have also been working on Denise’s favorite award during which they made Indian drums and vests. 

      The Tigers have had a very busy month completing three awards.  They have been working on everything from nutrition to teamwork.  In ‘Team Tiger’ they also talk about how a family is a team and how every member of that team has a role to play.  The laughter coming from their room might lead you to think, as those little tigers do, that it is all just for fun, but you and I know how valuable those lessons are. 

      And that brings us to the Webelos, short for We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.  Some of you may have noticed the post-its on the wall of the fellowship hall which are the remnants of ‘Stronger, Faster, Higher’.  In it our Webelos did a number of athletic tests such as how many sit-ups and push-ups can you do in a minute, how high can you jump, and a timed 50-yard dash.  Then they practice for a month and do it all again, hopefully showing improvement in some area.  The kids run the gamut from being almost totally sedentary to very athletic, but they all joined in happily.  And in their free time they completed ‘Game Design’.












Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the Granite Falls Christmas Parade!

I saw: Judy P, Natasha, Parker, Sharon, Karen, and Mary Catherine.

If I missed, you please insert your name here: ________.



            Now for an appeal to some members who have been around a little longer than we have.  A couple of weeks ago Lewis was called by someone who used to attend Philadelphia Lutheran and offered crosses to replace the ones that need replaced at our graveyard and informed that the scouts used to maintain it.  Well, this was the first time we had heard of it.  We have located it and looked around and would like to get it in better shape.  But we would like to have a layout of some sort.  Mary Catherine has graciously offered to look in the books to see what she can find.  If you know anything we would love to hear from you.  We would like to put names and dates on the crosses we place and possibly add a short fence in the hopes of keeping it intact.  We will, of course, get approval from the church council. 

      Now, back to recharter.  Every year there is the concern that we will lose children due to finances.  Mind you that during announcements I always say, “If the cost is a problem, please come to me.  Do not allow money to be the reason your child is not in scouts.  There is always something we can do.”  This year we did avoid some of that because some Medicaid providers will cover our registration cost similar to your health insurance covering a gym membership.  But there are always people who fall through the cracks where Medicaid is concerned.

      We have a family with two children whose parents have really stepped up and been a real help.  But they were really worried about being able to pay for recharter and even talked about paying it in payments in the new year if the pack would cover it now.  I am approached by certain members of our congregation off and on throughout the year with the offer to help any children who may need it.  So, I decided to ask if they could possibly help this family.  I will not mention names, but I will say that the cost was covered by the first two people I asked!  And to those two, you should know that when I informed them that their children were covered, mom cried with a look of total relief.  What a blessing you were to that family!

                                                                          “Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”

                                                                                                              Fred Rogers


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